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Hugo (2011)

Kids & Family. An orphan lives in the walls of a 1930s railway station, hiding from the inspector who would send him to an orphanage. He scours the station for parts to complete a clockwork robot belonging to his father, a quest which leads him to uncover a lonely shopkeeper's mysterious past. Martin Scorsese's fa... (more)
30 Mar
2h 6m
Aud: Audience: 78%
Crit: Critics: 93%

A Monster in Paris (2011)

Animation / Kids & Family. A would-be inventor accidentally creates a monster which escapes onto the streets of Paris. As the scientist and his sidekick try to find their creation before the police do, the creature befriends a kindly cabaret singer, who discovers he has a gentle nature and a gift for music. Animated comedy, w... (more)
30 Mar
1h 29m
Aud: Audience: 65%
Crit: Critics: 87%

Brave (2012)

Animation / Comedy. A princess defies her mother's plans to secure peace by marrying her off to the son of one of their allies. A witch provides the rebellious royal with a magic spell to change her fate, but the enchantment backfires disastrously when the queen is transformed into a bear. Pixar's animated fantasy, wit... (more)
31 Mar
1h 33m
Aud: Audience: 76%
Crit: Critics: 79%

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Kids & Family. A lonely boy befriends an alien who has been left stranded on Earth. The two develop a psychic connection as the boy helps the extraterrestrial to contact his own people and call for rescue. However, living on Earth starts to have a devastating effect on the visitor's health, and a government operat... (more)
31 Mar
1h 54m
Aud: Audience: 72%
Crit: Critics: 98%

Shrek (2001)

Animation / Comedy. Anti-social ogre Shrek resolves to stop an evil ruler from banishing fairy-tale characters to his swampland home. However, the reluctant hero ends up forced to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona from a castle guarded by a dragon, aided only by a wisecracking donkey. Animated comedy, with the voices... (more)
31 Mar
1h 33m
Aud: Audience: 90%
Crit: Critics: 88%