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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Action & Adventure / Comedy. An unambitious 29-year-old man recently dumped and trapped in the job from hell decides to get his life back on track. Unfortunately, he has to put his plans on hold when zombies rise from their graves and stalk the streets of London to feast on the living. Comedy horror, starring Simon Pegg, Nick F... (more)
26 Mar
1h 37m
Aud: Audience: 93%
Crit: Critics: 92%

Bound (1996)

Drama / Mystery & Suspense. Ex-con Corky is trying to go straight, but veers off the rails when she meets Violet, the girlfriend of gangster Caesar. The women begin a torrid affair and concoct a risky plan to steal a fortune from the Mob, which would enable them to flee and start a new life. Thriller directed by the Wachowskis... (more)
26 Mar
Horror Channel
1h 47m
Aud: Audience: 82%
Crit: Critics: 88%

High Plains Drifter (1973)

Classics / Drama / Western. A mysterious stranger is hired to defend a remote frontier town from three outlaws who are making people's lives a misery. Although he rids the community of the troublemakers, the residents' lives take a turn for the worse as their saviour seizes control of the town and seeks to punish them for thei... (more)
26 Mar
1h 45m
Aud: Audience: 85%
Crit: Critics: 96%

The Filth and the Fury (2000)

Documentary. Julien Temple's documentary charting the trailblazing career of notorious genre-defining punk band Sex Pistols. Including classic well-documented moments such as the expletive-laden live television interview with Bill Grundy, which shocked the UK in 1976, as well as previously unseen concert footage... (more)
26 Mar
London Live
1h 48m
Aud: Audience: 88%
Crit: Critics: 95%

All This Panic (2016)

Documentary. Documentary shot over the course of three years about seven teenage female friends from New York, showing them at a pivotal time in their lives as they enter adulthood (more)
27 Mar
1h 19m
Aud: Audience: 70%
Crit: Critics: 94%